Client: 4C Hub Wien
Brand strategy, design, animation: Bea Cetina
German proof-reading: Julia Marie

4C Hub Wien isn't just a coworking space. It's not just an event venue either. It's a hub that gathers creatives, entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized companies in one place, and enables them to collaborate, create, and learn together. 

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It all started with the concept of uniting coworking, creativity, community, and the aspect of professional events (called "Colloquiums" in 4C-lingo) all under one roof: that's how the name was born. While the main four C-words are listed in the animation above, the letter C can also stand for other stuff: being curious, a connector, a companion, or having a distinct culture, examples of which you can see below.
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But those designs came at the end of the process.

So let's instead turn back the clock and uncover what 4C Hub represents, who it is for, and what it seeks to accomplish in the world. This was found through brand strategy sessions and thorough research using the info gathered from those sessions.

First up, let's ask the question:
Photo by You X Ventures
And then, who is 4C Hub for?
Photo authors, from top to bottom: Csaba Balazsbruce marsBrooke CagleAlvaro Reyes
Based on these two, it was then easy to craft a powerful and daring mission statement.
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And its condensed version:
But this wasn't enough. The research proved that the market of coworking spaces is getting saturated, even in Vienna. Therefore, we were faced with a double challenge.
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The Solutions

Because the 4C community is so close-knit, to bolster this sense of belonging, we came up with a name for its member: a 4Cer, or rather, Vierzer (pronounced "feartzer"). It also sounds similar to the English word "fiercer", which adds a whole another layer to the concept. 

Each Vierzer gets a name tag that they can proudly slap onto their clothes. This tag is reflective of their "rank". The rank serves a purpose in the loyalty program which was implemented into 4C Hub, where the longer one stays a Vierzer, the higher level they achieve, and therefore better "perks" are unlocked for them.
Photo by Angello Lopez
Photo by Lauren Sauder
In addition to that, we designed a special joining experience: complete with a personalized note, a small gift, and discount incentives to extend the membership.
To provide a comfortable learning space, the hub itself has its own separate library complete with books, research computers, as well as VR zones with games and experiences that focus on teaching through this new medium.
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Lastly, instead of just implementing a "one-size-fits-all" monthly coworking fee, we offer various choices that can accommodate both daily visitors like Nina and Richard, as well as occasional lurkers like Chris and Thea. Below you can see some examples: a rechargeable card for individual days (max 7 out of 90), and a library-only card.
Photo by Freddy Castro
Design of Brand Identity

In order to bring out the concept of openness and diversity, 4C Hub received a vibrant colour scheme, together with a bold all caps font family for which traditional rules of proportion were thrown out of the window. 
These words can be stretched and skewed as one desires, as well as used in mediums from online ads, to posters, outdoor signage, interior design, merchandise... you name it.
Because there are a lot of expats and digital nomads in the 4C Hub community who are only learning beginner German or don't speak it at all, there's a lot of emphasis on providing everything accessible in both English and German, hence why the original concept of 4C used English words as well.
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4C Hub Wien is another one of my concept projects, where this time I asked, what would an ideal coworking hub look and feel like? What features should it have? What would it stand for? What issues could it tackle? Could it provide good in the world?

My own coworking experiences, while mostly positive, were always feeling like something was lacking. Either it was a sense of community, or the physical space was too tight, or there weren't enough events. With 4C, I looked to solve all these issues, while simultaneously designing a place that other people of various backgrounds and ages would enjoy.
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Vienna has become known in recent years as a place where startups and new technology thrive at a rapid pace. Thus, I chose it as a perfect location for 4C Hub. The full name "4C Hub Wien" teases the concept of creating a so-called "hub of hubs", spanning multiple cities and eventually countries. Perhaps there could also be a 4C Hub Linz, 4C Hub München, or even 4C Hub Prague? It's a possibility.

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