Client: Games.CON 
Agency: BeMedia Solutions
Creative Director: Srđan Zdravković
Designer: Bea Cetina​​​​​​​

For its second year, Games.CON had tasked us with creating a cohesive visual identity to be used on promotion materials, merchandise, event passes, as well as on signage inside the actual convention.

We decided to keep a few design elements from the previous year:
- The motto #LevelovatiSeMora (#OneMustLevelUp)
- The 3D "G" initial
- The controller glasses mascot

But we also managed to refresh the entire identity, ditching the 2016 black for a new, bright blue colour scheme with yellow "do not cross" grungy lines.
We had also evolved the logo, adjusting the typefaces and making many different lock-ups for different contexts.

But before we arrived there, a lot of stuff happened.
The very first task was to design thumbnails for the promotional short film series titled "Syndrome: Gamer". Each video starred a YouTuber explaining how they got "sick" from playing their favourite game. We mostly went for the shock value because of the target audience, and the campaign was a great success among the youth.

And then, the TV commercials. We even had to export this baby into a Digital Cinema Package so it could be shown in the theatres! It was certainly a unique experience.

Now comes the fun part.
Print collateral! First we had the event passes... (click on an image to zoom in)

And all the outdoor signage... (again, click on an image to zoom in)

Now let's take a look at some of the indoor applications:

And of course, our merchandise and tickets.

There were many more configurations (including desktop wallpapers, Facebook/YouTube headers), but I feel like this is more than enough to showcase how enormous this project was.

Finally, the end result of this campaign was the fact that Games.CON hosted over 30,000 visitors in 3 halls, a 200%+ increase compared to the previous year. 

Additionally, there were 25 different tournaments with a combined total prize pool of €60,000. In all these tournaments, a total of over 2000 gamers had participated.

Here's to even more levelling in 2018!