1) Brand Consulting & Creating Strategy. 
Sure, you want a new logo, or a new website, but why? What is the underlying reason for change? We will uncover this and many more in our strategy sessions. 

Here's the quick run-down of what you can expect:

      •   We strike deep into the very core of your brand, extracting the essence of what values it stands for, and using that essence to craft a consistent marketing language;
      •   We create detailed personas of your customers, in order to understand them better so we can market to them more accurately, thus increasing your revenue;
      •   We lay out all your goals and prioritize them in such a way that things can get done quickly and efficiently.

All the info I gather in this phase helps tremendously when it comes to the next step... ↓
2) Brand Identity Design and Other Deliverables.
Now that we've set the bars of what we want your new branding to accomplish, it's time to actually create it. 

Logos, websites, business cards, stationery, Google ads, Facebook ads, billboards, posters, flyers... even uniforms, liveries, or trade show booths. 

Basically, every medium that we've deemed important for the brand, we will create here.

As a case study, for the Games.CON brand project, we took an existing concept, revised it so it would fit the new direction of the brand, and expanded it into everything from a merchandise line, to print material inside and outside. 
3) Video Production, Animation, and VFX.

And perhaps your brand could use a touch of motion?

In addition to my experience with brand strategy and creating static deliverables, I'm also very proficient with the entire video editing workflow. 

Videos for social media? Got you. 
Neat 2D animations of your new logo? Yup. 
Montages and explainer videos? Of course.
And for clients in the music industry... I build lyric and music videos alike.
Wanna see my entire skillset in action? Take a look at the video below: