It started when I was just 13. Wanting to re-create some cool Photoshop effects seen on Twitter, I downloaded the trial version of the program and started playing around. The following year I also got into YouTube, and even though hardly anyone was watching my videos, and they also sucked visually, that NEVER deterred me.

As a matter of fact, this perseverance of mine is employed even today when working with clients.

We stick together through thick and thin, from the very first call, all the way to publishing the brand and maintaining it. I make sure that my client, as well as their audience, are enamored with the new brand, and I don't give up until that is the case.

Anyways, back to the story.

As my teenage years went on, I started experimenting with many creative disciplines: photography, animation, 3D modeling, video editing, logo design, illustration, web design, typography, and so on.

The reason for so much experimentation lies in my simple desire to CREATE and benefit other people with my creations. But this diversity meant that for a long time, I struggled with how to incorporate all of these disciplines into a single service.

That is, until I discovered brand design & strategy.

As you may know, a brand identity is MORE than a simple logo. It encompasses countless research, developing solid strategy, making sure that it "clicks" with the target audience, and not to mention the visuals (and yes, a logo too).

I talk much more about the brand > logo topic in this article.

So in this branding industry, I found that my entire skillset could easily be implemented.

Companies and individuals alike need to connect with their audience, and for this they may utilize interesting animations, a nicely edited video, or they may benefit from psychology of design, all of which I'm very adept at.

Interested in working with me?